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Click here to view the current NOAA GOES  IR Sequence
Live! "Real Time" GOES animation for monitoring Cloud Cover.

Click on the image to the right to see a continuously updated, real-time "live feed" animation of the last four hours of actual NOAA/GOES satellite releases. These images will give you a good idea of the CURRENT cloud conditions plus conditions  spanning the last (4) hours. The animation engine has its own controls that you may use to pause, speed up, or slow down the animation!  

Goes satellite Images are low resolution photos that are mainly used to track large weather systems across large sectors of the earth's surface. Goes satellites are stationary and reside far out in space (about 35,000 miles) and do NOT orbit the earth, as do the high resolution Polar satellites that we use for SST charts do. (The time registered on the images are GMT).


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