Terms and Conditions of Membership with Oceantemp™ Satellite Imaging

Chart Usage

You agree that Chart products and online access purchased from Oceantemp™ are for the personal use of the purchasing member and cannot be shared, posted, republished, rebroadcast or resold without permission from Oceantemp™. You agree that your member username and password that allows admittance to Oceantemps website cannot be shared without permission from Oceantemp. Any violation of these rules is a US copyright violation and can result in civil and or criminal action along with cancellation of Membership rights and forfeiture of any membership fees paid to Oceantemp™.

Use Of Our Chart Products & Website

You agree that Oceantemps charts, chart products and online navigational interactive data display are intended for determination of approximate sea surface temperatures ONLY and for no other reason. You agree that our online and printed charts should NEVER be used as navigational charts, OR for navigation purposes, OR as aids to navigation under any circumstances.  Positional data on the charts and software is approximate and may contain errors. Use current NOAA navigational charts and NOAA certified navigation software for any navigation purposes. The interactive navigational interface is not intended to be, and is not a certified navigational aid. Navigational data displayed by the program may contain errors.

Your Privacy

Oceantemp™ will never sell or share any of your personal information that we have on file including your e-mail address. For security and insurance purposes, we have elected to not ever see your full credit card number when an online purchase or transaction is made for one of our products.  We have absolutely no access to your credit card number once an online transaction is effected. Because our processor does not allow us access to your credit card number there are none of the usual worries about card information storage and hacking.  Very safe for both you and us. All online transactions are SSL triple encrypted and fully secure as per the highest standards available today.

Subscription Duration

Membership with Oceantemp™ Satellite Imaging for the North East Florida/Bahamas and the Mid Atlantic region is yearly.  All membership subscription durations will now last for an entire year (365 days) and therefore can extend into the next calender year.  For example... sign up on June 15th of 2011 and your subscription will be good all the way to June 15 of 2012.

Service Schedule

Service to the Florida/Bahamas and Mid atlantic regions is offered continuously, 365 days a year. Service to the three North East region Zones is yearly as well however during "off season" times, specifically December 1st through April 15, service to North East zones one (1) and two (2) will be limited to only two (2) updates per week. Service to the southernmost zone, zone chart three (3) will continue uninterrupted with full service on a yearly basis according to the paragraph entitled "Product Update Frequency"

Yearly Down Time and Vacation  (Important--->READ!!!)

Oceantemp™ Satellite Imaging reserves the right to select any three weeks (21 days) between November and April specifically in which to take time off for maintenance, repairs, system upgrades, or any reason what-so-ever including vacation time for our selves and employees. The downtime may be consecutive or split into blocks at our discretion. During this time we will make every attempt to post at least one (1) chart set per day however some days there may be nothing posted especially if a complete system overhaul is being done.. We will notify all members at least a week prior to any downtime or vacation period.


As a member you are entitled to enter the members area to view and download current and archived. Members, however, are not entitled to share their logon information with other parties without the permission of Oceantemp.  Membership usage is not "unlimited" and does in fact have certain limitations that are fully explained in the following section below.

For Our Protection and Member responsibility

Oceantemp has employed the use of a built in "security system" for our protection against "unauthorized use". Our security system performs several functions including the recording of certain information such as user logon identity. location/address of the computer being used to logg-in, number of times logged in within a defined period of time and number of times logged in from different computer locations along with address for those computers. As a member you agree to Oceantemps recording of this information. Information is never shared with any one at al under any circumstances.

The security system is preset by us to "trigger" and activate when certain parameters and conditions are exceded. In short, the system is set so that one person using the service, even from multiple locations, will have no problem. However, if logon information is shared by more then one person the system will eventually be activated and will not allow further logon access by the identity who activated or "tripped" the system. We will then have to manually reset your user information. In this respect usage is not unlimited.

Product & Product Update Frequency

The charts displayed on the samples are identical in scale and size to the actual real-time products. The actual real-time products however may have more or less clouds depending on the weather. Oceantemp™ will make every effort to post updates for all individual chart zones at least once per day (weather permitting). We have, on many occasions been able to post up to three chart set updates per day however this action should be considered an "added value" gift and not obligatory by Oceantemp. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be advised that during "off season" times, specifically December 1st through April 15, service to North East zones one (1) and two (2) will be limited to two (2) updates per week. Service to the southernmost zone, zone three (3) will continue uninterrupted with at least one (1) update per day, weather permitting. It is highly possible that on some days Oceantemp will not be able to update any chart sets due to poor weather conditions.

Problems beyond our control and liability

Oceantemp™ depends on a chain of multiple sources and third parties for timely data content and data delivery including the NOAA satellites themselves. Although we have redundant equipment (on premises) and redundant data sources and our other sources and third parties have proven to be dependable, we still have no control over this (off premises) aspect of our business and you agree that we cannot be held responsible for intermittent down time ,delays and/or periodic breaks in service caused by these third parties and data sources. If you feel that you cannot sustain any interruption of service we strongly recommend you subscribe to an "additional" service as a back up because some breaks and interruptions do occur. We strongly recommend that all commercial and "non recreational" customers follow this recommendation as well.  You agree that Oceantemp can™accept no liability for satellite malfunctions, delays or unavailability of data for any reason beyond Oceantemp's control.

Due to the unique nature of our product the membership fee is non refundable except at the express discretion of Oceantemp™ . Also, Oceantemp™ Satellite Imaging does not, and will not give refunds in the event of bad weather conditions that result in charts that are unusable due to cloud cover OR no charts being produced at all due to ongoing or extended poor or bad weather conditions. Our experience has shown that clouds and poor weather conditions can prevent us from getting usable satellite data for days and even weeks at a time! It has happened before and will happen again. In rare cases a refund may be granted for "other" non-weather related reasons however the decision rests exclusively with Oceantemp™.  That said.... If you have a problem, call us or e-mail us and we will do our best to resolve the issue. We will not leave you stranded.


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