Click here to view the current NOAA GOES  IR Sequence
Live! "Real Time" GOES animation for monitoring Cloud Cover.

Click on the image to the right to see a�continuously updated,�real-time "live feed"�animation of�the last four hours of actual NOAA/GOES satellite releases. These images will give you a good idea of the�CURRENT cloud conditions�plus conditions� spanning the last (4) hours.�The animation engine has its own controls that you may use to pause, speed up, or slow down the animation! �

Goes satellite�Images are�low resolution photos�that are�mainly used to track large weather systems across large sectors of the earth's surface. Goes satellites are stationary and reside�far out in space (about 35,000 miles)�and do�NOT orbit the earth,�as do�the high resolution�Polar satellites that�we use for SST charts do. (The time registered on the images are GMT).